The Mean Servers Network

Mean Servers connects to multiple Tier I and Tier II internet backbones via BGP with both IPv4 and IPv6 to provide our clients with superior connectivity to all ends of the globe. Our routers use intelligent routing algorithms to determine the lowest latency route to take which provides end users with the best experience possible. Lower latency means you can integrate more services and software seamlessly to end users. Mean Servers has multiple data center locations allowing our clients to choose a data center in a region that works best for where the majority of your visitors are located.

Need excellent connections to all of the United States? Then our Denver facility is perfect, providing latency that is less than 50ms coast to coast. Have an international audience that resides in the Asia-Pacific or is primarily West Coast? Go with Los Angeles, where our transit blend of providers provides excellent connectivity to all major Asia hubs. Our Denver transit providers include Viawest, Level 3, Comcast, Hurricane Electric, tw Telecom, and Cogent. Our Los Angeles transit providers consist of Psychz, Comcast, nLayer, TiNet, China Unicom, Zayo, Hurricane Electric, PCCW, China Telecom, and China Telecom CN2.

Mean Servers also is part of a federation of AS networks that share telemetry and DDoS information helping block DDoS attacks at the source. Mean Servers nullroutes DDoS attacks to prevent affecting neighboring clients and services while reporting the DDoS attack to our peers. MeanNull can catch a DDoS attack within the first 5 seconds protecting our network and ensuring our clients services remain unaffected by those that might be a magnet for such attacks.

Level 3 Communications

XO Communications

Hurricane Electric


Cogent Communications